FlexRadio talks to the TargetTuner

I recently bought a M100A-HP Tarheel screwdriver antenna, the tuning is done via the TARGETuner from west mountain radio.

I want to hook this op to my FlexRadio .... since West Mountain Radio also sells a KW232 Interface Module it should be rather easy, but since there was no documentation to be found on this subject, i had to figure things out.

I bought a FTDI USB to Serial Cable DB9M (UT232R-200)..

I plugged in the USB2Serial cable into the KW232 ... but that didn't work ... the most obvious reason would be that de RS-232C port on the kenwood (where the KW232 was inteded for) is a null modem interface ... so i soldered a simple 3 wire null modem cable ... and that works like a charm !

I ordered a null modem adaptor so i can replace my hacked cable by something cleaner ;)

null modem cable