In our weekly 'on frequency ham meeting' ON4AOW Vriendenronde ON6WF mentioned a hamclock for raspberry pi.

I managed to get it working on 4.3" WaveShare TouchScreen the driving board is a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B with 2Gb Ram, optionally you can add a sensor BME280 breakout for temperature and humidity.

Raspberry PI HamClock Image
> Burn this with balena etcher to your microsd card !

Raspberry PI Wifi Configurator
> Configure to your liking and copy the resulting file to the boot partition of your freshly flashed microsd card !

The Manual
> Manual in pdf format

You can power the RPI via the GPIO (+ via 2 & 4) ground (- via 6) RPi GPIO

Step by step instructions on github soon !

Also a YouTube assembly video will be available !

Also a how to use video available soon !

Hamclock on test bench