QTH Lombardsijde (Solar Powered Site)

HF band (0-30Mhz) Kiwi-SDR with switchable receive antennas (Loop on ground, Wellbrook Loop, DIY Loop and an active Whip are always accesible) the 22 Meter SWL antenna is only erected when i'm on location.


VHF band (2m) with a mobile antenna glued on the roof (8m ASL)


PSKReporter (FT4/FT8 decoding)


QTH Merchtem

Multiband SDR (2m, 70cm, 20m, 40m, 80m)

OpenWebRX multiple antennas

KiwiSDR on mulitple Receive antennas

KiwiSDR on a 5M MegaLoop FX Active Loop (pointing East - West (reversed delta loop setup))

KiwiSDR on a Compactenna HamR-7 (tuned for 10m 20m 40m, most compact antenna)

KiwiSDR on a Rigid MegaLoop FX Active Loop (pointing North - South)

There are 3 more in the pipeline (Wellbrook loop, MegaWhip, ON6WJ Austrialian whip)

PSKReporter (FT4/FT8 decoding)